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Slovenia Fairy Tales - The Goldenhorn

Legend of The Goldenhorn - Goldhorn’s golden horns were the way to a fortune covered up in the mountains around Triglav. A fearless and young hunter from the Trenta Valley experienced passionate feelings for a lovely young lady and figured out how to win her heart by bringing her excellent blooms. Notwithstanding, one day a rich trader from Venice dropped by and attempted to addition her consideration by providing for her brilliant adornments and hitting the dancefloor with her. As the hunter approached the young lady, she mocked him. The hunter was desperate and left. Induced by an alternate hunter, called the Green hunter, who was said to have gotten regards to the destiny of a few genuine young men, he chose to go that very night to discover Goldhorn and claim his fortune. Read the full story :

The Tale Of Goldhorn

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The Goldenhorn
Lake valley and rough Komna were a mountain heaven long prior. There lived White ladies, goodhearted creatures, that the general population still recall with appreciation. They appared in the valley, offered assistance to the poor in critical straights, particularly ladies conceiving an offspring; such a tyke was then all its life under the security of White ladies. They instructed shepherds to perceive restorative herbs and their energy, on stripped rough edges they aroused to development succulent grasses, with the goal that the poor manćs goat would discover their field there. They stayed away from the appreciation of the valley individuals, and on the off chance that anybody set out to draw close to the high valley, they turned him from the way with debilitating signals. On the off chance that anybody came either by botch or deliberately intensely into the region of their residences, they were compelled to turn back by rough avalanche, overwhelming rainfalls and hail from the mountains.

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On the rough face, which closes in Soška Valley, touched the white goats of the ladies; on the off chance that anyone drew close, they tossed stones at him. These goats were driven by Goldenhorn, glorious he-goat with brilliant horns. White ladies made him immune. On the off chance that a shooter injured him, there developed from his blood, regardless of where it felt, enchantment herb, called maguc amber or Triglav rose. On the off chance that Goldenhorn ate just a single leaf of this herb, he promptly recuperated, even the seeker shot him in the heart. His gold horns wwere the way to the gold on the mountain Bogatin, which is protected by the hundred-headed mythical beast. 

Where streams Soča and Koritnica converge, there stood long back making progress toward Trbiž a hotel. The little girl of the landlord had numerous suitors, yet she cherished the seeker from Trenta, child of the visually impaired dowager. This young fellow was known far and wide to be the best seeker, and he was said to be under security of White ladies. He knew all ways, and he had no dread of rough avalanches. 

In spring one year voyaging shippers ceased at the hotel on their way toward the north. Among them, a youthful well off Italian, talked sweet words to the landlord's little girl, and he was not in reverse with exquisite blessings. So it happened that the young lady and the seeker of Trenta squabbled and the young lady said to him, that Italians are fine noble men, dislike him, who knows all the wealth of the mountains, however had not yet brought her the Triglav rose., while the Italian had given her a pearl neckband at their initially meeting. 

At that point the seeker stated, seething: "I know where the way to the Bogatin is covered up, and in the event that I get it, I will be lord in contrast with your dealers, whom you can tend to as you like." 

Annoyed he exited the motel and after that got together with the Green seeker. This man did not have such a decent notoriety. He educated stories regarding the abundance of Bogatin mountain and talked him into running with him to stalk the Goldenhorn. They went onto his spoor, the Trenta seeker shot him and afterward they took after the injured creature along a restricted way, which finished at a sheer shake. Right then and there the Trenta seeker saw between the snow and ice the most lovely Triglav roses, among them the planika, which he used to make drug for his motherćs eyes. The young fellow recollected his poor mother and was going to relinquish his interest, yet the Green seeker started to insult him with deriding words, thus the young fellow kept on following the grisly spoor. 

Meanwhile the Goldenhorn achieved the spot where became the bloodred Triglav roses and ate a few. Quickly he recaptured his quality; in huge hops he kept running towards the Trenta seeker on the tight way, marvelously shined his horns in the sun. Right then and there the seeker lost his nerve: before him the pleased Goldenhorn, coming closer in debilitating assault, underneath him the no-limit profundities, behind him the high as can be rough face; he was overwhelmed by wooziness, and fell into the profundities. Next spring the water brought his body past the hotel. In his grasp, the seeker held a group of Triglav roses.

Furthermore, when in summer the shepherds came back to the Lake valley, they found a rough place rather than the heaven; White ladies had left the place perpetually, with them went the white goats. Goldenhorn had in his fierceness totally crushed and covered the knolls, and today you can at present observe hints of his horns on the stones.


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