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Lithuanian Folk Tale - Eglė the Queen of Serpents

Lithuanian Children's Stories - Eglė the Queen of Serpents is considered one of the most archaic and best-known Lithuanian fairy tales and the richest in references of Baltic mythology. Over a hundred slightly diverging versions of the plot have been collected. Its multi-layered mythological background has been an interest of Lithuanian and foreign researchers of Indo-European mythology; Gintaras Beresnevičius considered it being a Lithuanian theogonic myth. Interestingly, the tale features not only human–reptile shapeshifting, but an irreversible human–tree shapeshifting as well. Read the full story. Lithuanian Folklore Stories In some other time, long prior experienced an old man and his significant other. Them two had twelve children and three little girls. The most youthful being named Egle. On a warm summer evening each of the three young ladies chose to go swimming. In the wake of sprinkling about with each other and washing they climbed onto the riverbank to dress and prep t…

Polish Folklore - The Legend of the Wawel Dragon

Legend of Polish Folklore- The Wawel Dragon (Polish: Smok Wawelski), also Called the Dragon of Wawel Hill, is a famous dragon in Polish folklore. His lair was in a cave at the foot of Wawel Hill on the bank of the Vistula River. Wawel Hill is in Kraków, which was then the capital of Poland. In some stories the dragon lived prior to the founding of the city, when the region was inhabited by farmers. See the full story of Polish legend at Polish Legends, folklore, myths, and stories In Poland, a long time ago, in a den at the foot of Wawel Hill, there lived a dreadful dragon. None of the people of town Krakow from the poorest beggar to His majesty King Krak did not know where it had come from and how it got there.
Everyone constantly trembled with fear. Always having the frightening idea that the knigths guarding the dragon left their hair stand on end when they discovered the monster roar.

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As the days beyond the…

Slovak Legends - The Three Golden Hairs of Grandfather Know All

Slovak Folk Tales - There once lived a King who lost his way while hunting. A charcoal-burner invited the King to stay the night in his small thatched cottage. While there, a son was born to the charcoal-burner's wife. I can't sleep in this drafty hayloft, (peeking through the floorboards at the room below) Who is that old woman with a lighted taper bending over the baby?, read the full story at Slovak Fairy Tales in English
There was once a king who took great delight in searching. 1 day he followed a stag a great distance into the forest. He went on and on and on till he lost his way. Night fell and the king by happy chance came upon a clearing in which a charcoal-burner had a cottage. The king asked the charcoal-burner to lead him from the forest and offered to pay him handsomely.
"I'd be glad to go with you," the charcoal-burner said, "but my wife is expecting the birth of a child and I cannot leave her. Lie down on some hay in the gar…

Czechoslovak folktale - Clever Manka

Clever Manka Story - Clever Manka is the titular character of a Czechoslovakian folk tale. This story is about a woman whose cleverness wins not only the heart of very wise king, but eventually his deep rooted respect. Manka gets "noticed" by the king when she first solves a riddle for her father presented by the king. Curious, the king wants to meet her but first tests her with more riddles, all of which she passes with incredible originality. Finally, they do marry, but the king has only one request. Read the full story. Czechoslovak Fairy Tales and Folk Tales There was once a rich farmer who was as grasping and unscrupulous as he was wealthy. He was constantly driving a hard bargain and always getting the better of his poor neighbors. One of these neighbors was a humble man who in return for service was to get from the farmer a heifer. After the time of payment came the farmer refused to Provide the shepherd the heifer and the shepherd was forced to put the issue before th…

Slovenia Fairy Tales - The Goldenhorn

Legend of The Goldenhorn - Goldhorn’s golden horns were the way to a fortune covered up in the mountains around Triglav. A fearless and young hunter from the Trenta Valley experienced passionate feelings for a lovely young lady and figured out how to win her heart by bringing her excellent blooms. Notwithstanding, one day a rich trader from Venice dropped by and attempted to addition her consideration by providing for her brilliant adornments and hitting the dancefloor with her. As the hunter approached the young lady, she mocked him. The hunter was desperate and left. Induced by an alternate hunter, called the Green hunter, who was said to have gotten regards to the destiny of a few genuine young men, he chose to go that very night to discover Goldhorn and claim his fortune. Read the full story : The Tale Of Goldhorn Lake valley and rough Komna were a mountain heaven long prior. There lived White ladies, goodhearted creatures, that the general population still recall with appreciation…

Italian Fairy Tales - The Pig King

Italian Literary Fairy Tale - A king and a queen had no children after seven years. One day, the queen slept in the garden, and three fairies saw her. One gave her a son and that no man could harm her; the second, that no one could offend her, and the son should have every virtue; the third, that she would be wise, but the son should be a pig until he had married three times. Soon after, the queen had a son in the form of a pig. Read the full story. A Famous Italian Fairy Tales Fair woman, if man were to spend a thousand years in rendering thanks to his Creator for having made him in the form of a human and not of a brute beast, he could not speak gratitude enough. This reflection calls to mind the story of one who was born as a pig, but afterwards became a comely youth. Nevertheless, to his dying day he was known to the people over whom he ruled as King Pig.
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You must know, dear ladies, that Galeotto, King of Anglia, was a man highly blest in wor…