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Spanish fairy tales : The Little Ant

Once on a time there was a wonderful little ant. So beautiful and so hard working that everybody loved her! 1 afternoon while she was raking leafs in her front yard; she found that a shiny new penny. Perhaps I should purchase some nuts? No I can't start them. Perhaps I need to buy a caramel apple? No is just candy. She thought about it and chose to visit the shop; there she brought some blush to place on her cheeks and took it all home. After she got home she, styled her hair, washed her face, and put some blush on her cheeks Then she went outside and sat on her front porch. She was so trendy and beautiful that everyone that passed by was mesmerized by her.

Spanish fairy tales : The Little Ant
How are you going to inspire my love? Answered the small ant. The bull started to Mooooo, The little ant covered her ears, and told the bull.

"Go on your way bull: because you surprise me, scare me and startle me".

The identical thing happened with a dog who barked a cat that meowed, a pig that oinked, and a rooster who sang cock-a-doodle-doo.

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None of them managed to win the heart of the small ant, instead they all frightened her. Until Peter the mouse arrived. He treated her kindly and quite finely. He was so fine that small ant married him and they both lived, very happy and very much in love, it was a love so large that it has not been seen as the beginning of time.

However, because of bad fortune one day the small ant went into the store by herself, after placing a pot of soup in the flame; that she left in the care of peter the mouse. The tiny ant that was very cautions warned peter the mouse to not stir the soup together with the small spoon rather she told him to utilize the big spoon. Regrettably peter the mouse didn't listen to what his wife had said; he used the small spoon to stir the soup. And what the little ant had attempted to stop occurred, together with his clumsiness peter the mouse, dropped into the pot, like a rock that falls into a well and there that he drowned.

So she went to the neighbour's house to see if she could jump from 1 roof to another, but the intruder did not let her. When the door opened the little ant ran into the kitchen, Oh NO!!!! She cried with so much pain when she watched peter the mouse floating in the soup.

The small ant was crying bitterly when a birdie flew by and asked her. Why are you crying little ant?

She replied "because my husband died"

Well then, I birdie shall keep my beak filthy

Then came a dove and she asked the birdie why is your beak so filthy?

Well since Peter the mouse drowned inside his home and the little ant is crying for him dying.

Then I awakened shall remain in the cove.

Then the pigeon loft asked the dove why would you remain in the cove?

Well because Peter the mouse drowned inside his home and the little ant is crying for him dying, and the birdie kept his beak dirty, and I dove will stay in the cove.

Well then I pigeon loft will crack off

Subsequently the water spring stated.

Why are you going to split off pigeon loft?

Well because Peter the mouse drowned inside his house and also the small ant is crying for him dying, and the birdie kept his beak dirty, and the dove remain from the cove and, I pigeon loft will melt off

Then I water fountain will shout here in this mountain

Then the princess climbed the mountain up to fill out her glass with water, and asked why you are yelling here in the mountain water fountains?

Well because Peter the mouse drowned inside his house and also the little ant is crying because of him dying, and the birdie kept his beak filthy, and the dove stay in the cove and the pigeon loft broke off and I water fountain am crying here in the mountain.

Well then I princess shall crush my glass in a flash.

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And I who read this story, feel very sorry since Peter the mouse drowned inside his house and also the tiny ant is crying for him dying.


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